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The Porsche Exchange Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Bob S | Illinois | 2016-07-14

Today I stopped by for a question on fluid level for my 2013 C4S. Josh Grant noticed the door squeaking slightly AND had it lubed without me mentioning it (it's been on my "to do" list at home). Outstanding! People like Josh, and this level of service are really some of the reasons I have my car serviced only at the Porsche Exchange.

Raul D | IL | 2016-03-30

I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in your dealership. I dislike car buying in general due to the occasional arrogant personalities and unacceptable tactics of some sales people including finance managers. The experience I had dealing with Michael Semersky and Mike Bart was incomparable and the professionalism/honesty is outstanding. I will definitely recommend your dealership to all my clients and acquaintances. Your dealership is superb!!!

Barry Shaver | IL | 2015-12-28

Josh Grant provides excellent service! My recent visit to the Exchange for routine maintenance on my Panamera was, overall, a very positive experience. Josh was attentive, helpful, and answered all my questions. I expected to wait about 2 hours, but the car was ready in just over an hour. This experience more than justified the 180 mile drive from my home. This is the second Porsche I’ve purchased from the Exchange.
Based upon both of those buying experiences with Michael Semersky, I suppose I shouldn’t have “Expected” anything less than “the Exceptional”. All the staff including Josh are truly living their values.

Osama Albayyat | IL | 2015-12-28

Thanks for  taking a very good sport to my car and I would like to take an for fix the new NAV CD in my car  for cod NVE CD

Matt | IL | 2015-12-28

Best customer service experience can ask for! We were preparing to take a long cross-country trip, and the day prior found some extreme tire wear that looked unsafe. Sent photos and short text message to Michael at 7:30 pm, who responded in less than 5-mins. He advised tire replacement asap. Immediately called service dept, and Casey was outstanding. Immediately found instock tire, replaced first thing next morning. Even better is HOW this team speaks to you. It doesn't feel like they're doing you a favor, it feels like they care about you. I'd fly across the country to buy from these guys. Thank you!! A++

Mark G | IL | 2015-12-28

Great overall experience, and Michael was great to deal with... I was there on day 2 of their temporary building, while they build a brand new larger facility where their old building was, so my experience at the facility was not the usual - their prior building was a great experience, but I believe timing was just not ideal when I was there... I'm looking forward to them finishing building out their new facility...

David A | IL | 2015-12-28

Outstanding dealership with passionate staff and a drive for excellence. This is our second new Porsche 911; our first purchase from the Porsche Exchange. They are simply the best; Bruce, Michael, Mario and Vlad lead by example and love what they do! These guys are trusted advisors and partners of choice.

Kerry G | IL | 2015-12-28

Excellent organization through out. Passionate Porsche people!

Brian K | IL | 2015-12-28

Chris Barnaba was excellent. Patient, responsive, proactive and respectful.

Sheryl M | IL | 2015-12-28

Outstanding experience! All car buying should be this easy. The owner Bruce, Michael and Trevor we're inviting , friendly - simply the best.

Predrag S | IL | 2015-12-28

Michael Semersky is wonderful. Michael in finance was very deft and helpful at closing, like him very much, too.

Adamo D | IL | 2015-12-28

this is my 3rd porsche purchased from nick kopp @ the porsche exchange. i have purchased many sport/luxury cars in the past, from many different states & my experience w/ nick /porsche exchange never disappoints. the porsche exchange has the inventory & expertise to warrant a 90 miles trip from my home in milwaukee (there are 2 local dealers in the area)

Horace L | IL | 2015-12-28

The only thing preventing me from giving higher marks on all the items was that the dealership is very small and cramped. It was hard to find easy parking on the outside and on the inside, there wasn't much space to roam around and the waiting area was extremely small. One of the technicians mentioned they are remodeling the building this year, so perhaps all my above comments would be reversed when I visit the dealership after it has been completed.

James C | IL | 2015-12-28

It was a great eperience and I was fairly treated. I will highly recommend The Porsche Exchange to others.

Alex S | IL | 2015-12-28

We Love Bruce!!

Chalres A | IL | 2015-12-28

Very professional and courteous staff.

Ricardo S | IL | 2015-12-28

In the past I've visited and purchased vehicles from Audi dealers and BMW dealers and as a young Hispanic male customer service at times was below average in that sometimes I would not have a salesman come up to me for over 30 minutes. Rather I would have to find a salesman and not be treated like a valued customer who has or is about to purchase a new vehicle. As I researched a new Porsche Macan and called and spoke to Rocco at the Porsche Exchange, he immediately made me feel welcomed and I made an appointment to test drive a new Porsche. Upon my arrival Rocco was so pleasant and very well mannered with a vast knowledge on the vehicle that I wanted to test drive and potentially purchase. At the end Rocco is by far the best salesman I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. While at the Porsche Exchange the owner introduced himself to me and again I felt very comfortable seeing great customer care. I would recommend this dealer to anyone in the market for a new Porsche. I cannot wait to purchase my next new Porsche in a few years at the Porsche Exchange of course.

James A | IL | 2015-12-28

A great overall purchase experience. Nick Kopp as great to work with. His responsiveness to my emails made the sale. Even though I have a number of Porsche dealerships near my home (the closest being 2 miles away), I will return to the Porsche Exchange in the future.

Andrzej M | IL | 2015-12-28

There was no pressure to buy at all. Just being helpful.

Marsha S | IL | 2015-12-28

Rocco was an amazing sales person!! If he didn't have an answer to one of my questions he was very up front and honest. He would research until he could find an answer. I would highly recommend him!!

Kamal P | IL | 2015-12-28

Chris is an amazing salesperson....very friendly, knowledgeable, great listener, goes well beyond his job to be helpful.

Daniel S | IL | 2015-12-28

The Exchange was very easy to work with and patient with me. There was never any high pressure sales tactics. I would recommend the Exchange to other potential buyers. Also - I rated the financing and leasing question as neutral as I bought the vehicle for cash. There wasn't an option to pick Not Applicable. Since I bought the car with cash, I couldn't really comment on how the Exchange might handle financing or leasing.

Anne F | IL | 2015-12-28

Overall it was one of the best car buying experiences I have had.

Anne F | IL | 2015-12-28

Overall it was one of the best car buying experiences I have had.

John N | IL | 2015-12-28

Chris Barnaba was awesome - very professional, very knowledgeable.

Jeffery W | IL | 2015-12-28

The only reason some of my marks were "as expected" is because I am very happy with Porsche and the Porsche Exchange. I have come to expect great service so it is hard for them to "exceed" my expectations. They get highest marks across the board.

Alexander L | IL | 2015-12-28

I was incredibly impressed with performance of the Panamera and especially Faris Nijim's knowledge base. Faris was a pleasure to deal with.

Loretta C | IL | 2015-12-28

Very impressed with Nick Kopp's knowledge of the car - how all the options work. Very helpful.

Giri G | IL | 2015-12-28

They are always pleasant and give excellent service.

Dia W | IL | 2015-12-28

Nick Kopp was an excellent salesperson. I was looking for someone who would give me the facts I wanted in the format that I wanted them. I would not have purchased the car without this kind of experience. His followup was also excellent.

Jonathan H | IL | 2015-12-28

I continue to be impressed by the customer service and quality of employees at Porsche Exchange. Great job by all!

Milan M | IL | 2015-12-28

Great overall experience. High degree of professionalism. No haggling.

Norman S | IL | 2015-12-28

Porsche makes a wonderful car. Porsche Exchange meets your standards of excellence.

Charles H | IL | 2015-12-28

Casey was the best service adviser i've had in 3 years of service.

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