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The The Porsche Exchange Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!

Bruce Semersky

Bruce Semersky | General Manager

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Faris Nijim

Faris Nijim | Sales Manager

It’s really no surprise to anyone that Faris was destined to work in the automotive industry, given the strong sense of foreshadowing in his early years. His very first word was “car” rather than the usual “mamma” or “dada,” and his childhood bedroom in Cedar Falls, Iowa, was plastered with car posters – Porsches, naturally! After graduating from Notre Dame, Faris spent five years in Italy before moving to Chicago and finally fulfilled his destiny by joining The Porsche Exchange in January 2004. Since working for Porsche, Faris’ passion for the brand has only gotten stronger, and he is a respected member of Porsche Cars North America’s Sales and Marketing Roundtable and has been selected to participate in several Porsche pilot programs. When not at The Exchange, Faris enjoys riding his motorcycles and traveling. He no longer has car posters as wallpaper in his bedroom.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Michael Bartuch

Michael Bartuch | Finance Manager

Mike began his long career at The Exchange back in 2001 when he started doing F&I work for both Porsche and Audi while they were still located in the same building in downtown Highland Park. This wasn’t his first foray into the F&I industry though, he had been doing F&I for five years previously as well. When both of the dealerships moved to their larger locations on Route 41, Mike became The Porsche Exchange’s dedicated F&I Manager, as well as in charge of overseeing the F&I operations at all of The Exchange locations. Besides loving Porsches, Mike also has a strong passion for motorcycles, he owns a 2013 BMW K1600GTL as well as a custom 2013 Harley Davidson Breakout with a 120R motor. His other hobbies include shooting pictures with his Nikon, and flying his Phantom 4 drone to get great footage of family events and local scenery.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Monico Chavez

Monico Chavez | Preowned Manager

Monico is a graduate of Lewis University with a Aviation Flight Management and Business Degree. As an enthusiast for all things mechanical and a people person, the car business was a sure fit. He started at the Chevrolet Exchange in 2011 and was promoted to Preowned Manager after only a couple of years. With a fine attention to detail, he takes pride in maintaining his Preowned Porsches to the highest standard. Having always had an admiration for the speed and sophistication of Porsches he was excited to begin as a preowned manager for the Porsche Exchange in 2014. In his free time, Monico still enjoys recreational flying, working on his classic muscle car, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Mario Toledo

Mario Toledo | Service Manager

Ever since graduating high school, Mario has been immersed in the car business. Most recently you could find Mario working at our sister dealer, The Audi Exchange, where he was the #1 Service Advisor, obtaining off-the-charts CSI scores and turning his numerous customers into dear friends. During his 10 years at The Audi Exchange, he became a fixture of the service department, earning the affectionate nickname “Mr. Mario” by his legions of customers. Mario lives by the golden rule, which is precisely what has earned him his loyal following of customers and fans.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Chris  Barnaba

Chris Barnaba | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Chris's family has been involved with the Porsche brand since before he was born, so suffice it to say, he grew up with the brand. His father has been with Porsche since 1969, and Chris has been following in his footsteps ever since 2006. After Attending NIU, Chris began his career in sales at another Porsche dealer before moving to The Porsche Exchange recently. Chris prides himself on his passion and extensive knowledge of the Porsche brand. In his free time Chris enjoys golfing, racing, and watching his favorite Chicago sports teams. 

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Peter Jacob

Peter Jacob | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

At the tender age of five, Peter found his love of automobiles to be somewhat insatiable, collecting and building an inordinate amount of models. His favorites of course, were Porsche. His thirst for knowledge of all types of vehicles continued as he gravitated towards racing bicycles, eventually moving into motorcycles by the age of fourteen. After attending DePaul and Northwestern University, Peter was involved with BMW Motorrad for nearly eighteen years before joining The Porsche Exchange in March of this year. As a lifelong enthusiast, and owner of two previous GT cars, it's no surprise that he finally feels at home among our Porsche family. Peter's interests include exploring new restaurants within Chicago, traveling, music, hockey, soccer, and riding any one of his six motorcycles.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Nick Kopp

Nick Kopp | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Nick is a graduate of Southern Illinois with a Management and Marketing degree. As a Porsche enthusiast he decided to join The Porsche Exchange in the fall of 2008 and has worked as a Certified Porsche Sales Professional since. Nick lives in Chicago and when he is not at The Exchange he enjoys spending time with family and friends and attending local sporting events.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Paul Michalczyk

Paul Michalczyk | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Paul is able to say that he truly knows Porsches both inside and out. He began his career at UTI and graduated with a degree in Automotive and Diesel Technology. From there he accepted to Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program (PTAP) and graduated as a Porsche Technician. Paul put that degree to good use for the next seven years at another local Porsche dealer. They admired Paul’s determination and brand knowledge, and offered him a position on their sales team. Paul became a top salesman and continued to work there for seven years before moving to The Porsche Exchange. In his free time, Paul enjoys playing and watching sports, spending quality time with his family and friends, as well as babysitting his three-year-old niece.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Rocco Pelletiere

Rocco Pelletiere | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Rocco started in the car business as a salesman for the Lynch Auto Group in 1995 and was promoted to finance just a year later. This was Rocco's beginning in the Porsche world, as Lynch had a Porsche dealership at the time. Rocco then went on work at several other local Porsche dealers before being offered a job at The Porsche Exchange. Rocco has two grown children, one of which is a Senior at U.I.C. who hopes to become a dentist. His other child hopes to become a race car driver. Rocco enjoys boating, golfing and is a season ticket holder for the Chicago Bears. He hopes they can win another Superbowl in his lifetime!

Phone: 846.266.7000 • Email:

Michael Semersky

Michael Semersky | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Michael Semersky has been a Porsche enthusiast since he was very young. With his father taking ownership of The Porsche Exchange 1976, he has literally grown up around the Porsche brand. In the past few years, Michael was named one of the Top 100 Porsche Sales Representatives in the world. What he loves most about his job is the happiness that comes from helping someone find the car of their dreams. He prides himself on his passion for Porsche, extensive knowledge of the brand, and exceptional customer service. Michael's interests include cars, skiing, reading, fitness and motorcycles. He has been happily married to his wife Roxanne since 1997 and in his spare time he enjoys spending quality time with his family and two young daughters.

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Tim Fehr

Tim Fehr | Business Development Manager


Alex Cook

Alex Cook | Customer Relations Manager

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Vladens Alnis

Vladens Alnis | Parts Manager

Vladens has been a loyal Exchange employee since 2001 when he began working as a Porter at The Saab Exchange. From there he moved to the Parts Counter and then became the Parts Manager. He joined The Porsche Exchange team in 2007 as a Service Advisor and Warranty Administrator. More recenty Vladens has been the Assistant Service Manager here and was promoted to Parts Manager in December 2014. His personal interests include a strong passion for Porsche, as well as motorcycles, skiing and traveling. 

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Tony Busuego

Tony Busuego | Certified Service Consultant

Tony is extremely knowledgeable about the German car industry. He began his career back in 2000 as an Audi certified technician. Eight years later he transferred to our sister-store, The Audi Exchange, where he became a valuable member of their team. Tony then decided to expand his knowledge of high-end German automobiles and started working as a certified Mercedes technician. From there Tony decide to bring all of his knowledge and experience to The Porsche Exchange and become one of our Certified Service Consultants. Tony likes to spend his free time with his family and friends, and enjoys travelling with them as often as p

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Casey Lewis

Casey Lewis | Certified Service Consultant

Working in the automotive industry runs in Casey Lewis's blood, as his father is the Service and Parts Director at our sister dealership, The Audi Exchange. So suffice it to say, Casey has learned from the best. He has spent numerous years in the industry already, and this is his first year as a part of The Porsche Exchange team. He is now thrilled to work alongside a brand that is performance-driven and cutting-edge. When not at work, Casey enjoys hanging out with his dog Hercules, and watching his favorite Chicago sports teams (Bulls, Bears, Cubs and Hawks) play. 

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Michael Olson

Michael Olson | Certified Service Consultant


Tim Stratton

Tim Stratton | Certified Service Consultant

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Nikki Stergiou

Nikki Stergiou | Loaner Coordinator


Maria Lelis

Maria Lelis | Service Concierge


Juana Esparza

Juana Esparza | Service Concierge


Martin Delgado

Martin Delgado | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2015
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2015

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Alex Escobar

Alex Escobar | Porsche Service Apprentice

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2016
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2016


Dick Gagliardi

Dick Gagliardi | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 1990
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 1977
• An automotive technician since 1971


Ron Hauser

Ron Hauser | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2001
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 1989
• An automotive technician since 1987


Zlatko Milenkovic

Zlatko Milenkovic | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2011
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2011
• An automotive technician since 2008


Mario Moreno

Mario Moreno | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2004
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2004


Nick Tess

Nick Tess | Porsche Service Apprentice

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2016
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2016


Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 1992
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 1985


Brandon Warren

Brandon Warren | Porsche Certified Technician

• At The Porsche Exchange since 2008
• A Certified Porsche Technician since 2008
• An automotive technician since 2006


Crystal Gonzalez

Crystal Gonzalez | Porsche Boutique Specialist

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Jaime Icasiano

Jaime Icasiano | Parts Specialist

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Jix Icasiano

Jix Icasiano | Parts Specialist

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Larry Noble

Larry Noble | Parts Specialist

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email:

Joe Willems

Joe Willems | Parts Specialist

Phone: 847.266.7000 • Email: